A poem

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Frayed around the edges — rue
Not you—
Gray as the concrete towers, stacking
fleets demand autumn sun’s attention
Necks craning, unaware of deception
elbow neighbors hardly breathing

Do they not know their inconsequence?
Like the towers of no consequence
the gray edge of vying eats their cells, ignores pleas —
Commandeers all thinking trains —
Adjourns gravity, till meager remains
become nothing but wannabes

You, golden pole —
Sunlight seeks your vibrant whole
Moonlight thrives on your cool, not frond
no longer bothered by a soggy roof —
You stand aloof
Rising from gray riches of the autumn lotus pond

© PseuPending 2022



Some stories land in more than one home

Updated September 27, 2022

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On completing the first pour, our tea sommelier presents the emptied small glass vessel for aroma appreciation. O gosh! I can get drunk on the fragrance alone. Notes of mountain orchids, complex earthy elements, and hints of wild rock drift through the nose. Long, smooth, and mellow. Lingering, sweet aftertaste. Perfectly roasted the traditional way with carefully controlled flames of the best pinewood.
(Extract from A Traveling Couple’s Lunar New Year Delicacies~Seu)

Nuanced flavors and complex textures

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Lunar reflections

Mirroring of Lotus: Zhu Legeng. Art Macau 2021/©PseuPending

Tonight, love requited, unrequited, hopefuls
float where lanterns flicker, full moon shimmer —
gossamer sheer, veiled secrets adhere

Tonight, atrocities seek truce
Blades in sheaths, families gather —
delicacies familiar bring laughter

Tonight, blossoms offer best empathy
Budding joy blooms know, ripened glory too —
only autumn arrivals fully construe

Tonight, summer lotus glimpses autumn intricacies
Ponds pregnant with comprehension embed with gold —
fool the eyes of fools untold

Tonight, the pond sees opposites as mirrors do —
knowing the full moon infuses never blinds
The full moon sees all. Tonight illusion binds

Mid-Autumn/Moon Festival: Day 15, Month 8, Chinese lunar calendar. Full harvest moon. Falls on September 10, 2022.

Legend: Chinese Hans circulated coded messages in mooncakes to overthrow Mongols in Yuan Dynasty (1271–1368).

© PseuPending 2022



A Poem

Ginkgo leaves in their fall color. Photo: Joe Schneid, Louisville, Kentucky [source]

Translucent flares of soft gold cascade
down from branches up again
midair, swaying on invisible hammocks,
sashaying moves beguile
Summer ends with a swirling breeze
in the land of poets and ginkgo trees

Prehistory ginkgo birthed, dodged glaciers deep
in central China — fellow plants extinct
Survived hellish Kanto fire, outlived
Hiroshima bomb¹ where nothing grew for years
Twenty/forty autumns no harvests from new trees
Will it bear fruit in peace?

Why do you doubt nature’s triumph, faithless humans?
Ginkgo your kin is stardust seed on fire feeds
Trudges are preludes to satisfaction deep
Autumn is your true glory
Drop your greying worldly worries
All seasons decree autumn holds the keys

© PseuPending 2022



PseuPending (Seu)

PseuPending (Seu)

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