A taste of little Macau

(Apple Store Macau)

Hats off to the world famous design architect Norman Foster, who outdoes himself in creating the stunning front facade of the store that looks like a gigantic Apple device. The marble casing alludes to the White Cube (1) without the snobbery. Foster slices the stone into colossal 1mm thin sheets, reinforced by five layers of glass (2), allowing light to gently permeate.

Slow, undulating movements of marble veins calm the mind. A surface embedding millions of years of CHANGE renders a comfortable contrast with the high-tech world.

This is a creation born of artistic courage and open-mindedness. Some compare this…

A contextual translation by the author of the original
13 Architectural Examples of Why Good Looks are More Than Skin Deep



名政客邱吉爾曾說:「我們塑造建築物;之後建築物就塑造我們。」 ”We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.”


Inside charming little Macau

(Macau Science Center: Awning shaped like eyelid)

How does any building impact life? Inspired architecture benefits the mind (1). For centuries, architects have expressed humanity in their works: Connection to nature, innovation, humor, desire for leisure and beauty, hope, fantasy, and even whimsies, beating the mundane. All these exteriors and interiors, past and present, when juxtaposed, become interesting fusions. This tiny city Macau, of only 32.8 square kilometers, is an awesome microcosm. Have a look.

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us,” Churchill once said.

1. Geometry plays on your subconscious

Where to satisfy cravings for festive dishes if you don’t have a big group

For the holidays, my partner and I are delighted to have each other for company. In Macau, as in other parts of Asia, many Chinese-owned restaurants rest for the first three days of Lunar New Year so restauranteurs get to celebrate as well. Food preparations at home would commence a full week beforehand, as various gourmet dried specialties take time to rehydrate. Such would be traditional Cantonese celebration with large groups of family and friends. But alas, my mother’s extraordinary cooking talent is something I have not fully inherited. …

Like art, food connects with the consumer in Eureka moments

(Detail, Entrance to Wing Lei Palace— Cantonese restaurant in Cotai, Macau)

Fortunate enough to grow up in a family culture that values culinary excellence beyond flavor and plating, I relish every chance to appreciate a serious chef’s creations. I find it incredible to relate cooking to the consumer’s personality, health needs and moods as a norm. Despite being a modern nomad, having lived in several countries and crossed over a hundred cities and towns in the last few decades, my love for Cantonese cuisine has never waned. Not just because I’m half Cantonese, but the discerning Cantonese does not take a morsel without first asking what it does to the body…



(澳門路氹永利皇宮: 永利宮窗前)

茶藝師解開這茶之謎。葡萄牙Niepoort 酒莊以釀製波特酒知名。莊主夫婦二人經常到中國各地旅商遊玩,2007年間帶了友人贈送的黄山名茶回鄉。葡萄牙天氣較熱,莊主夫婦正苦想如何把茶葉保質,見莊園內陰涼處盡是釀酒桶,索性將茶葉藏在陳年酒桶中。存了六個月,一次宴會中取出款客,驚覺茶葉已吸收了1987年酒桶藴藏的特質,隨著時間,色、香、味都有演變。當代奇茶就這樣誕生。夫婦二人取其名為「pipa tea」。葡語 「pipa」,是指釀製波特酒的橡木桶,「枇杷」是「pipa」音譯。這次品嚐的枇杷茶,是經發酵的黄山陳年毛峰,一芽一二葉,極好選擇。這批1987的波特酒桶,自然不會輸出。陳年毛峰茶葉要運到葡萄牙,經過六個月再陳化成枇杷茶, 方始入罐出口。近年酒莊已有自己的茶莊,這源自黃山的陳年毛峰就更覺珍貴。

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Living a “Life of Leisure” is a misnomer and a misconception; leisure is a path to the thinking process. Nomad, Contemporary Art Researcher, Lover of Good Eats

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