poetry / culinary poetics

raw apple cider, last cup of the barrel / © Pseu Pending (Seu)

they sink
granules gather
snuggle together
rolling in satisfaction


warmth tumbles inward
laughter exuberates outward
skin. flesh. core.
unfiltered. raw.
shoulder to shoulder toe to toe
intensely apple
funnels downward
absorbing all

only in the bottom of the barrel
truth lodges.
not chastising
not diminishing.
you are
all you are
all you've been those years.
not one granule less
not one granule ignored.
to the proverbial last cup!

© 2022 Pseu Pending (Seu)

Thanks to Zay Pareltheon, Viraji Ogodapola, and Marilyn J Wolf for a nurturing nest at The Howling Owl!



Pseu Pending (Seu)

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