Chicken in lotus leaf

A Chef Chan Tak Kwong creation/© PseuPending

This isn’t climate talk. In traditional Chinese wellness practice, lotus leaves (Nelumbo nucifera) cool body heat in culinary delights.

While you savor the scrumptious lean chicken meat and avail yourself of the collagen in the skin, know that the fragrance of the fresh lotus leaf seeps into the meat it wraps for steaming. That essence contributes to wellness.

A perky, tasty dip? Shredded lotus leaf and aromatic ginger with sweet soya sauce is a winner.

The renowned herbalist Li Shizhen’s Great Pharmacopoeia (1596) hails lotus leaf for clearing heat in the liver, heart, spleen and lungs, lowering blood pressure, and regulating sweat.

On festive occasions, the chicken dish symbolizes the bird’s 5 virtues: Civility. Courage. Diligence. Benevolence. Faith.

The lotus fragrance helps diners remember that.

© PseuPending 2022

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A poem

Florence, Italy/ © PseuPending

Take me
King of Wings
Through howling winds

Past screaming gusts
Not ethereal
to glory

Where pulses race Heart clamors
Eyes sparkle
Soft skin breathes warm

I am long gone
from sufferings past yet
Caught in limbo

I had spikes
I had skikes
I had pillows under my pikes

Birth now godly Wings
on my heels
Not on shoulders weighted

But lift me beyond
Clouds befuddling
to where I lay

My head
on you
Always there

© PseuPending 2022



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